Saturday, January 19, 2013

Chemical Free

One of the most basic and easy changes to make to start a greener life is to cut out chemical use in the home. Most people would say they do not use chemicals in the home but so many are being used and we are unaware of how harmful they are.
You only need to read small descriptions such as this Laundry detergents and what they are to know that it does not sound safe or something we (the consumer) want to endorse or support.
Small changes such as environmentally and chemical free laundry detergents, dishwasher liquid, dishwasher powder and even cleaning products will make such a huge difference if we could make the change.

Items such a laundry detergents are made with petrochemicals and other harmful substances that are not only harmful to ourselves and increase allergic reaction and build up chemical intolerance within the body, they also are extremely harmful to waterways and aquatic life. Planet Arc and many other environmental groups discuss the effects these products have on increasing the growth of blue green algae and weeds. This is stifling and decreasing the natural state and habitat of our waterways and its animals. Dolphins, fish and so much sea life is being killed by the toxins produced by excess phosphorus that we humans are using.

Chemicals are not easily broken down and take a huge toll on the natural states of the ecosystems they come in contact with. Natural alternatives that are plant based and clean are easily biodegradable and work in keeping balance to human health and the environment.

A shirt being crisp white cannot be more important than our sea life and all that it encompasses?

There is a lot of literature available on how harmful numerous household products are to both human and environmental health. I please ask at least read, understand and make informed choices of the products you use in your home. Our children and our own personal health is also at stake if we do not make more conscious choices.

Organisations that are doing such a wonderful job at trying to inform consumers and places you can find loads of information to help make it a little clearer are:

Planet Ark
Planet Agenda Article
Sea Life Conservation

There is a lot of information available and supermarkets, organic stores and correctly accredited online companies have these products available. Each country has an organisation that can recommend these products to you, just google natural, biodegradable cleaning products or washing liquid and find your list there.

We owe this to our animals, our children, our planet and ourselves.

Happy purchasing!


  1. Hi Amber,
    I do try to cut down, and use Eco friendly products, cheers Marie

  2. Such an important post, it still astounds me that so many people use such full on clothes cleaning products, just for that ultra 'white' clean, not realising the damage it does to our earth and to their own bodies. a beautifully written post, go you. xx

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