Friday, January 11, 2013

Fresh and Exciting!

Each day when I wake I feel so much duty, something of great importance is needed of me (besides the wonderful and huge job of caring for my three precious children!). This feeling is sometimes such an uplifting feeling and other times such a weight but I notice that no matter what I do my weight only increases if I pretend not to care or forget about what I feel matters so much.

It is like once a seed opens it cannot close again, it gets a taste of the sun and water falling over it and so it grows!

Just as I feel I have tasted the truth to living consciously. No product, food or item seems mysterious but rather one I feel I must understand. My obsession or passion is something I don't expect every person will want or even care for however I hope in this blog it will help others find more ways to make small changes to your life to make it greener, cleaner and aware.

While raising three small children and teaching them each step of the way, we live this all together and it adds to the depth and beauty of my day. I believe in having the whole family involved (young and old) in the rhythm and the entirety of running a green home. This can be with both a joy and a success.  It is vital for us to teach our children to care and tread lightly. To tend to their food, their animals and their health. To love openly, endlessly and enormously.

Over the past twelve years I have devoted so much of my time learning ways to heal myself and my family with natural and simple remedies. How to eat and cook well, for good health and immune resistance. And also how to grow as a person with compassion, understanding and care to all creatures.  One of my great personal missions is to try and teach others to understand how easy it is to make simple changes to your life to improve it's environmental implication and to hold a positive and achievable view to making change. In the last twelve years I have studied Herbal medicine, clinical nutrition, natural healing remedies and most recently I have just completed my studies in permaculture - 'the permanent culture of our society and each and every one of us'. This has both furthered my passion and proved the vital importance to make simple choices for the benefit of so much.

I feel that living in a greener manner is both personally and globally rewarding, the joy and pride it creates has such an accumulative and wonderful effect.

I hope you enjoy coming here and may this be a sanctuary of great inspiration and joy.


  1. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog - because it meant I discovered your lovely new space. Looking forward to following. T

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