Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Friendly Food

I think one of the most wonderful things about bringing permaculture into my life and committing to this certain style of living is growing a lot of different foods. As we move through the patterns of food growing we become more connected to our seasons, to the weather, to our souls and mostly to the food.   I have such a deep respect and joy for food, it is truly a miracle thing that deserves our care and respect. This adoration has only increased since I have been growing more of my own food.

Within this world I see so much food waste and disrespect, foods tampered, modified and quite frankly ruined in the name of convenience or mass production. As we all know this is taking a huge toll on human health and the environment. My passion to restore love, care and honesty to our food has become an everyday commitment within my life, but one I am so proud of and willing to fight for.

If I could change or increase one thing in the world it would be for people to not fear food but love it again. Please understand what I mean by this. We are so confused as to what is good for us, high protein, low fat, low GI, high cholesterol, no added sugar, natural flavours and blah blah blah. That is a magic way of confusing us into a fear of food. It is all labelled with these terms and scaring the hell out of us. Food has become this thing that serves us harm, but rather it is the very thing that gives us sustenance and health if we keep it as close to its original form.

Food has become mysterious and confusing because we humans have modified, fortified and stuffed with it. I want us to trust in our food again, nurture it and care for it. Eat foods grown by us or our locals, eat organic grown by people who care about the health of the planet and it inhabitants. Eat foods that are still in their natural state, for example. Oats have become a simple food 10,000 different ways, but just eat the oats (organic again) rolled. The whole groat (grain) rolled and then ready for your porridge or soaked overnight and eaten at breakfast. This grain is loaded with B vitamins, Vitamin E, fibre and so much more goodness encased within it. It should not be pre-packed in small microwavable pouches that are loaded with sugar and a truck load of preservatives. They are such an easy food that deserves a little respect. Mother nature created our food to suit what we need and here is the million dollar secret, if we go back to eating it the way she made it before genetic modification, chemicals, mass production and all the other things done to our precious food, then food will be our best friend.

My precious little man when on school holidays just taking it slow and watching some tadpoles swim.

On a mother note - I watched my babies walk back into school today for the new year and I felt such sadness. As grateful as I am for having a wonderful steiner school so close by and they love it, they are away from me and our life of growth here. It makes me wonder sometimes why we hurry everything - our children, our food and our world. It is so precious taking it in in the right time.

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  1. Hi Amber. What a beautiful blog. I'm going to follow with enormous interest as I'd love to start a little veggie patch with my boys this year. I've hit a point in life where I want to slow down, simplify, and get back to basics. Jen x

  2. I'm beginning to understand the importance of what you describe when it comes to clean living and natural foods. We planted our first vegetable and herb gardens since moving to a house on the coast (a stark change in scenery from our overcrowded one bedroom flat in the inner city late last year). I cannot believe the gardens are thriving. To be able to prepare our own food and share it with our neighbours is so uplifting. Thank you for sharing.
    Bella xx

  3. I so love the way your write, i just get captured by it and your passion. I absolutely agree with all that you say, permaculture is amazing and so exciting. When we eventually own our own home we plan to have no lawn just all edibles, pretty exciting. At the moment, however I am struggling with some established raised garden beds that just never seem to take on all the goodness we are giving them. Hmmm, am thinking that we will wait for this heat to abate and then do some ploughing and serious manure. I have serious garden envy.
    Hope school went okay, it is so hard letting them go, when it is so lovely having them so close by. xxx