Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sweet Sweet Sunday

Sunday Ricotta Thick-cakes

3 Cups of sifted organic self-raising flour
2 tablespoons organic raw sugar
2 tablespoons (40g) melted organic butter
1 1/2 cups organic full cream milk
3 organic eggs (or better still from your own sweet hens - as ours are)
250g organic smooth ricotta

Sift flour and then add sugar, mix lightly.
Add melted butter, milk and eggs and work the mix till combined and smooth.
Add ricotta and mix again.
It makes a nice thick mix.
Heat your green pan and add butter, drop large size pancakes onto pan and then cook till small bubbles appear, once bubbling flip cake over.

These are easy, delicious and full of organic wholefoods. 
These ingredients when organic are in their natural, pure and wholesome state. The use of organic ingredients is so vital to our health as sadly so much mainstream food is now heavily treated with herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics and many other chemicals that are harmful to human and environmental health. 
Read more about the reason why organic produce is essentail here.


  1. These look yum! Thanks for visiting my blog:) Suz

  2. Yum! I have been thinking about pancakes today, I'm glad I found your blog, it's great. I'll be reading! xx