Saturday, January 26, 2013

Water Brings Life

Water brings life. It is both simple and beautiful. Where there is water life is attracted and makes the haven it needs, therefore creating water areas around your garden, no matter whatever the size is so beneficial to creating a balanced system within. A body of water to whatever size you can cater for creates a haven for numerous animals. Frogs need water and need more human protection, with so much habitat and development frogs are under huge pressure. Remember frogs are so helpful they keep the mossies, flies and creepy crawlers away. Frogs consume those pests that will be interested in tasting the food or plants you have growing. 
Water is home to many species that incubate and nurse their young as well as become breeding grounds for them. Bodies of water will bring life and hydration to numerous species, as well as benefit plants and the general flow within your space.
There are so many ways you can incorporate water around your garden and here I have put some pictures of various different water areas you could try.

I have been building up and restoring water areas within my home and the animal life is showing a beautiful display of gratitude, like this lovely green frog we found snuggled up on our back deck in a bag. He is homed here and the sounds of frogs croaking their songs by night indicates he is not alone here. We have birds bathing in the water as hot sun shines or as the night comes. I have frogs and tadpoles galore, lizards drinking and basking on the sunny rocks, my hens, our bees and so many known and mysterious little creatures visit our waterways here each day and that is because it provides them with the essential ingredient to all life....water.

Pots, pre-made ponds, holes that are lined and filled, water features, bird baths and so so much more are some ways you can create a water space. I would love to see and you share your ideas, pictures or ways you have or would like to incorporate water into your garden, please email or comment and may we all learn some new ideas.


  1. these are lovely pictures - thank you for stopping by my blog as it lead me here to yours. looking forward to following along x

  2. We have a little pond and have just had roughly 30 frogs breeding in there. They come back every year, together with a large number of newts. The birds come to drink from it and I love watching what goes on (in fact, my blog was originally called "Watching the Pond").
    Love your photos and ideas! Kirsten x