Saturday, February 16, 2013

21 Days

Today we have put a dozen fertile eggs into the incubator and in 21 days (or a little less usually) we hope to be welcoming 12 sweet fluffy chicks into our home ready for Autumn. 

No matter how many times I do this the excitement never fades, the sweet joy and suspense of the new life is captivating. 

I look forward to sharing the new here soon.

Happy weekend to you all...

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  1. Oh, I can't wait to see them when they hatch! What a beautiful photo.

    Bella xx

  2. <3 and nice weekend as well dear
    much LVE
    xx the cookies

  3. Waiting with anticipation for new life to appear - very exciting. I've not hatched chickens but love watching seeds turn into little plants and grow. You have a great blog and may live not too far from where I grew up perhaps.

  4. Oh how very exciting! I remember having eggs to hatch when I was teaching and the day they started popping out we did absolutely nothing but watch them. The children (and their teacher!) were absolutely fascinated. Magic times ahead for you. Hope your weekend is lovely :) x

  5. how wonderful
    my daughters class are doing this later this year ... we cant wait!!!

  6. Oh, how exciting! New life in fluffy form, what's not to love. Happy days to you.
    Melinda x

  7. That is very exciting...we are about to get three new chickens ...layers though so we can have those fresh eggs daily.


  8. I'm picking up 3 new chicks tomorrow! It's cold (not freezing) here but I need these babies to be in my coop/run by June so I'm getting them early. How fun, I'm really going to enjoy your blog. Thank you for stopping by mine.