Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Simple Swap

I have spent the last few months opening my wardrobe and feeling a real lack of inspiration there. I love clothes. I love being dressed in colours, pretty prints and something nice. I am so girly in that way.

Ah but I can't justify purchasing new clothing all the time, it feels spoilt and one day when I leave this planet is it my clothes that will have impacted this world? Don't think so. I also have three children that are growing and needing clothes as they grow, little more important than my vanity...LOL.

I op shop regularly - always have done and have a particularly lucky streak there and utilise this ability before running to some over sized and ugly department store but I have really needed some clothes, somethings that are not too small or too big or frayed or frumpy (giggle giggle).

The power of my purchasing sends one thousand messages, one lady who loves to buy clothes turning away from mass produced Chinese manufactured clothing over a life time is thousands of dollars these companies don't get. This message says I seek alternative measures to dress myself. I give my money to charitable organisations, I purchase from ethical clothing companies, I want material made from sustainable sources with fair treatment of its employees and a care for the environment. So I refrain from buying more clothes from all of these sorts of places and look for other options.

So this week when I caught up with one of my beautiful friends I was delighted to be greeted me with a boot full of colourful garments that she no longer wanted. So the swap began. 
She is like me and loves pretty attire but cares not for spending a small fortune each time she feels like a new dress. Generously she has handed on so many beautiful things that needed love but she did not need them. This week she will come and all the garments that have starred hopelessly in my face will become her new treasures and so the cycle goes.

Between my girl friends we always swap clothes. We have different bodies, different tastes but the same desire. We are all mothers with bigger priorities than our wardrobes but that girl inside us who still likes to dress up and look good does not die. 

There are so many forms of recycling and putting something you find old and uninspiring to someone and it then becomes their new little form of material joy.

I am thinking I should host a clothes swap night here soon, lovely gals chatting, sharing clothes and sipping tea. Sounds good to me.

Do you ever buddy up with your sweet sisterhoods and have a clothes swap? 
How do you purchase your clothes and what do you think?


  1. Love this idea!! A few of my friends and I have considered it, but we're all completely different sizes and styles so we haven't quite managed to get it together yet!! (one day!) For now i'l continue my crawls through the Sal' Army shops!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! I'm having a great read through all your posts! Lovin it!! :)

  2. What a wonderful idea. My mother and I have swapped and I have one friend that I have upon occasion but nothing regularly.
    I too don't like buying clothes manufactured in China or grown in unsustainable ways. I have a favorite Eco friendly company and buy their tops when they go on sale.
    I've pledged this year to buy no new clothes and after a month and a half I'm doing fine ;)

  3. I think about this all the time. I am not perfect. I think of the work we have done on our house, the stuff I have bought in the past that was brand new and to be honest I have felt a bit guilty. I am consciously making an effort this year to thrift. I have always been blessed to receive hand me downs for my kids from my sister's kids. As for my clothes they have all been given to me in the past several years because I needed maternity and my friends were kind enough to pass them on to me and now I will pass them on to my friend because we are having no more babies...I would love a list of clothes created by ethical companies that you described. And a clothes swap sounds like a wonderful idea! I just read an interesting article about how there is an abundance of clothing at good will and places like that...they actually can't house it all. Thank you for bringing up this topic! I really think you are on to something with this swap!!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  4. Do you know, i have been feeling much the same regarding my clothes.
    I have never considered a swap and I bet it could be good fun. Thanks for the idea! X

  5. I haven't swapped clothes with friends before it sounds like a wonderful way of having a whole new wardrobe without the heavy cost of new clothes. I would love to shop more ethically when it comes to clothing but I'm not sure where to start, really I should look into it a bit more. x