Thursday, February 21, 2013

Home Healing

There is something empowering and nourishing feeling you can take some time, use some simple remedies and heal the ones we love, don't you think?

This week my little Mabel was playing in the garden and she must have stepped on one of our sweet bees while playing. The pain subsided quite quickly but through the night she itched and hurt all night long. I woke to this puffy, red and sore little foot. Fortunately she is not allergic but just had a nasty reaction.

So I straight away set to work making a remedy for her.

I grated a potato and mixed it with some of our sweet honey. The potato helps draw things from the body, therefore drawing the poison from the sting out of her foot. The honey is such a sweet, soothing and healing elixir, making a perfect companion with the potato.

I had the privilege of doing a course with this amazing woman and she was passionate about the healing powers of the friendly potato and onion, so I grab for them at every chance and they prove themselves every time.

Swaddling her foot with a bandage and the potato and honey poultice working it's magic, she spent the day laying low and allowing her body to heal and I made the most of loving her up.

It is an amazing power for us to heal and heal others. We are gifted with the tools and the knowledge but at times we forget it, I am trying to remember to be resourceful and use the simple things available.

I believe that the woman has the power to give life and she also has tools of intuition to sense what is needed in a situation. Just as a mother wraps her child up in her arms and sees she needs a sleep, or a cuddle or a song, she can also knows the need to heal her child with a remedy available in her own home.

The sweet man who taught me a lot of my herbal medicine said 'women have an innate ability to heal and it is instinctual". I agree and believe this, we are equipped with all we need for our young and our loves, we just need to listen to within and trust ourselves. These are two hard things to do and even harder when we have opinions, advice and a medical system close at hand. With the medical world so available we are allowing this innate wisdom to fade and leave our own strengths in the hands of another and no one knows their own child like their mother and father.

This remedy has helped her so much, she is still itchy but it has reduced the swelling and she seems much less bothered by it and today has headed back to school.

The power of the onion and potato is quite outstanding. It may look a bit odd hanging out with a poultice but their benefits are quite astounding and worth it!

Happy healing xx


  1. I had heard of the healing power of honey but this is the first time I've heard of using a potato. Makes sense though, think about how a potato will suck up all the salt in a recipe.

    You're right about the Mama too. There's a reason our children turn to us for love and comforting.

  2. Im so jealous that you have bees. That's my dream to have them. I love your blog and I just had to follow. Thank you for your sweet comment.

  3. I've heard of using onions for colds, but not potatoes like this for stings!
    I'm loving what you're doing with your blog, Amber. It's so beautiful xx

  4. oh i too love collecting home remedies such as these, it is so empowering and so magical to use such simple things in such wonderful ways. we sometimes use a hot grated potato as a compress when the kids have a cough. thank you

  5. That is really fascinating--I will remember that--potato & honey! your blog is really inspiring!

  6. Yes! I do believe women have the innate ability to heal. I remember squirting breast milk on cuts, infant acne, sticky eye and all sorts of ailments before I found out that it contains millions of antibodies. It was just a reflex! I love the potato honey remedy

  7. Oooh, I think I'll soon become addicted to your blog. I'm ordering our spring seeds soon and have been carefully checking my books for which herbs I should be planting so I can have a thriving medicinal and tea garden. I slather honey on many ailments and bumps and bruises and have been wanting to further my knowledge with this. I feel you are such a kindred spirit. I'll be checking back often.

    My best,
    Jo Farmer

  8. How terrific! Whenever I've mentioned the potato poultice's my parents used to put on me when I was a child .... I've been greeted with odd looks. But they are so good! We so need to bring them back. Kellie xx

  9. Wonderful to know.
    My two 'nature boys' are always barefoot outdoors.
    Thank you!

  10. What a great tip, I'm amazed at how effective fresh lavender leaves have been on jumping jack ant bites and other garden stings. Just grab a few leaves or flowers and a quick rub for immediate relief.

  11. This is such a wonderful tip to know, I love using more natural methods for healing.