Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oats To Warm Us As The Rain Fell

Yesterday the rain fell and fell and just when you thought it could not rain anymore or any harder, it rained more and a little harder. It was unbelievable and really was one of those days where you stay in, you stay dry and you potter on things that bring warmth, nourishment and comfort.

When I think of comfort or strengthening one of the things I think of is oats. Like I mentioned in one of my recent  posts about instinctual healing and trusting to know the right remedy at the right time. I use oats.

When cold do you get the urge to prepare porridge or oat cookies (Anzac biscuits) for the ones you love? This is because they build the body, they contain B vitamins and are packed with minerals that stock the body and build resistance and somehow we know to do this.

But oats also have multiple benefits externally. Oats moisturise and nourish the skin, they sooth dry, itchy or flaky skin. Oats make a beautiful face scrub that gently exfoliates the impurities from the skin. It has been used for a centuries or more as a poultice or external remedy for sharp pains or cramps.

However instinctively (this means without me using my herbal medicine knowledge or scrounging through my old books), I feel oats soaked in a hot bath will help bring a warmth to my family.

So we got to making our oat bath bombs. They are sweet parcels of oats, nettle and chamomile wrapped in cloth ready to be soaked in a hot bath. The nettle helps if the skin is irritated, itchy or heated, while the chamomile soothes, relaxes and eases a busy soul.

My babies worked so sweetly at filling the material and wrapping them with love. As they made them I told them how they will heal and restore.

My children have had these since such a young age so they know to use these in the cooler months and I hope they remember these things forever. Maybe it is my hope they carry mother natures remedies to heal them when I cannot. Or so they can heal the ones they love and I hope they carry and instinct and understanding of plants so they can use them when needed.

Last night we all bathed in oat parcels and warmth.

The oats expel a thick, slimy, delicious fluid that moisturises and as the weather cools the body does not perspire as much and our skin becomes drier. 
An oat bath to me brings moisture, relaxation and nourishment to the body.

The smooth creamy milk flowed in the bath and our skin feels silky smooth and nourished.
The simplicity yet the feeling all round is something that is so positive and I feel blessed we can use something so simple but yet so powerful. 

Wishing you all warmth xx


  1. I do want oats when chilly, didn't know the reasons behind, but it makes sense. When I got the chicken pox, I took oatmeal baths!!!

  2. Mmm, i'm loving oats at the moment, they seem to work for me to enrich my breastmilk supply which makes for a happy sleepy baby! Lovely as a gentle exfoliant too-but i must try in the bath too, as long as it doesnt stick to my tub like they do to my breakfast bowl lol!

    1. Oh beautiful Max for your bubba. You put them in a secure little pouch so no oats come out and then no mess in the bath. xxx

  3. That sounds so lovely!
    I am going to add this to my list of productive toddler craft!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. On a cold, rainy day what I want is to eat the oats! With honey, nuts, seeds and dried fruit. I love this idea and had never thought of it before. I took oatmeal baths when I had the chicken pox too - of course it would soothe my dry and itchy skin!

  5. This is the best idea! Wasn't that rain intense. Kellie xx

  6. There's so much to enjoy about your blog.
    The photography, the words - the header!
    Thank you so much for stopping by to say hello over my way ♥

  7. How beautiful. I love this idea, thank you. x

  8. interesting! love oats :)
    thanks for your comment :)

  9. beautiful idea, so simple and so nourishing, thanks lovely

  10. i love oats. we always eat porridge during autumn, winter and spring, bit hot for it here in the summer time. i made some oat bath bombs for my older girls as part of a pamper pack that i gave them for christmas. i put some rosemary and dried calendula flowers in them. nettle and chamomile sound great too.