Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Peace Of Mind, Peace In Purchasing

~ If we are informed and care in how and what we do, we will create a universal peace to all who inhabit it...together ~

In each path I walk - through my work, through this blog, through my mothering and through my friends I am always asked questions about where to source ethical, sustainable and fair products. I have received so may emails and comments (thank you so much) since having this blog about this very topic.

I have spent years looking, researching and learning about where to buy products that help not harm the planet or ourselves. It has been a labour of love and wow there is still so much for me to learn and find out about!

However since this has been put to me I have decided to take this on and honour it. Honour that people do care and want to make change but trusting and finding good sources for these products can be tricky and I know this all too well. It takes time, effort and energy to make sure the money we spend and the choices we make are smart.

So I am aiming to host stories, information and offers from companies that meet a very high ethical standard.
- Companies that are committed to organic or biodynamic practices. 
- Organisations that stick to fair trade practices. 
- Business that are focused on 'green' and sustainable material use and products.
- Places where people are making positive change.

I am aiming to help 'you' the consumer to know and access more businesses sticking with the code ethics mentioned above. So please use all that you can.

Here is how you can help me:
- Please feedback is essential.
- Tell me of products you find hard to source meeting this code of principles and if I don't know I will try hard to find the answer!
-  Look here for my posts about these companies and support them.

In the long run we all can learn, grow and change together. And finally please pass this post or link onto anyone you think maybe interested in making more conscious and positive consuming.

Take care and thank you for the questions and

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  1. what a fantastic project. The search for these kind of companies/this way of life is definitely an ongoing one, especially with so much green wash about. Personally i love the challenge, to be mindful of everything we consume, makes me feel more confident and happier about the way we are living, sure mistakes are made and things accidentally overlooked, but it's all part of the process. So glad you are setting this up, could be a great directory one day. xxx