Thursday, March 7, 2013


I spoke here the other day of trying to share the word of businesses that are ethically sound. Companies that focus on sourcing sustainable materials and overall are working to care for the planet by offering products that fit the criteria mentioned in my recent post. Their commitment means they sell products that are friendly to the environment, people and the world.
I just wanted to make sure people understand, I am NOT making money or getting a cut to write about these products. I am doing this to share what I find along the way in my research and to aim to  help bridge the gap between people who want to purchase the 'right' thing and people who are selling the 'right' thing.

The lovely Elouise from Bamboo Body told me a bit about herself when I asked her if I could write about her on my blog. Here is what she had to say:

I asked Elouise how she first began the quest of sourcing and selling Bamboo clothing.
My business partner and I own a clothing boutique in Brisbane.  We recognised a demand for simple but stylish clothing made from natural, breathable fabrics.  After doing some research we became aware of the environmental impact of cotton on the environment.  We started to investigate alternative fabrics and came across bamboo and fell in love.  Bamboo Body has been in existence for over 6 years now."

I asked why she loves bamboo clothing for herself and her family.
Sustainable credentials aside, Bamboo clothing is so incredibly soft and comfortable.  It can be worn no matter what the season is.  In colder weather bamboo clothing is a lovely base layer.  In the warmer months it is breathable and cool.

I love the Bamboo Body designs because they suit my lifestyle.  The collection consists of simple styles that can be dressed up or dressed down to suit the occasion.

My 3 year old son has always loved his bamboo clothing.  He wants to wear it all day and all night.  He has no idea the clothing is from my business, or that the fabric is a great sustainable alternative, he just loves the way it feels against his skin.

My husband can't bring himself to wear anything other than bamboo socks.  He says once you try them you can't go back to the alternatives.

Do you look for other sustainable choices in your life and how you live?
Most definitely.  I think the simple choices we make in every day life all add up.  I try to walk or ride my bike instead of driving, my family have a great little garden full of organic vegetables and herbs, and we follow the reduce, reuse, recycle mantra.  The kids really love being involved - who would have thought sorting out the recycling could be so much fun :)

For the month of March Bamboo Body are offering a 15% discount to all Mindfully Green readers and for every 5th order they receive they are throwing in a free pair of their bamboo socks! Just place your order and in the discount coupon enter "MINDFULLY".
(They post to most countries)

Please support this business and read into the environmental and health implications of cotton growing today, it is a real eye opener and it is one of many true reasons to make alternative and informed choices with our clothing.

Take a second to watch this video that I found the other day.

All my warmth to all of you..xx


  1. This is awesome! I have bought bamboo socks for my beans and truly believe that bamboo is a resource that Americans need to tap into more aggressively. Thank you for this post! I am excited to check out her shop!

  2. I think I might have been underneath a rock too long, because I didn't know about bamboo products like this! Thank you for giving me some awareness. =) I am really enjoying your blog. Your pictures are wonderful and your words are thoughtful. Great space!

  3. I've got some bamboo sheets (just put them on my bed, which I'm currently in, haha) and I really love them. I just had a stroll around the bamboo body website - I really liked their information on organic certifications and lifestyle. I can be quite cynical due to the rampant greenwashing (misleading advertising concerning the environment). Bamboo body (to me) appears to be honest and ethical. Thanks Amber! x

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