Monday, March 25, 2013

Harm Free Easter Treats

As Easter fast approaches I feel the commercial buzz pulling the world. Brightly packaged bunnies, eggs and paraphernalia is everywhere. Foods on offer that lack nourishment and add to so much more packaging for the universe (as well as a myriad of other concerns listed and linked below) makes me look and see how I can try and stay away from it as much as possible. 

There will be an Easter hunt with some fair-trade chocolates for my family on Easter so fun is still to be had. But for gifts for special people in our lives to me I could not offer these other products. I wanted to give something that I feel does not have a lasting impact - not on people's health nor the environment. So we have made gifts using products that have been organically grown, they are highly nutritious and they will be be wrapped in some recycled paper and they are made with bucket loads of love. 

Each choice we as consumers make has an implication, we need not become paranoid or obsessive but conscious and thoughtful in our actions. I feel if there is just more awareness we are able to make these small choices and efforts in our consuming and these scream very loud to the companies making these products.

Imagine if all of the voices combined and told Cadbury, red tulip and Lindt we would like the dairy sourced from happy cows, we would like fair treatment of its staff (which Lindt has proven to not take seriously), we would like sensible, biodegradable packaging and that the product be made in this country and not Asia. Yes it would just be amazing...but not impossible if costumers stop buying their products and write to them telling them why they don't support their company.

Click on picture to see in larger format.
Please share your Easter treat ideas with me and try to tell others about alternative choices so word can meet the ears of many people.

A happy and beautiful Easter to all of you xxxx


  1. Amber you are always so very inspiring and keep me always on the right track, reminding me to make these conscious choices. A friend of my and her family sent me and some of her friends and email challenging us to buy just free trade chocolate for easter. I have to say it was very difficult to find it most of the large stores don't carry easter chocolate that is free trade. So I did a google search and headed off to my nearest Oxfam shop and bought all of my easter treats there. I didn't end up buying much at all instead I decided to buy some books and a craft activity which I posted on my blog recently. In the end I think my niece and nephews will only get two very small bits of chocolate but I think their parents will be happy with that. Thank you for the yummy recipe too:) x

  2. Right on with this post! Have you read radical homemakers???? It is an amazing book based on the history and smoke screens of our consumer minded society. As for Easter my kids don't get the big name candies. Part of the reason is my sons food allergies which I believe are linked directly to the environment and to how we process food in the US. this Easter my kids will be getting gardening supplies in their baskets. I was just at the post office yesterday and struck up a conversation with the man working there about how so much of what we buy is from Asia and how concerned we are. Things need to change. Bottom line. Keep it coming girl. Through you people will learn. And this world needs that!

  3. Great post and you raise some very good and mindful points. I do believe that we have to be voters with our purses and change can only come if we are conscientious in our spending. But let's take it a step further. Imagine if all the non-Christians stopped celebrating Easter, imagine the reduction of commercialism then. I do believe in eggs for Easter as they are the symbol of new life whether they be chocolate or otherwise. If people want to choose non-chocolate or sweet free gifts then I think the gifts should also be given within the Christian message and something that reflects the death of Christ and the celebration of his rising again. Perhaps if we are not bringing our children up within the faith we need to be honest with them and say that it is not a celebrated feast day in our house. Please understand this is not directed at you personally because I don't know your beliefs, I'm just putting it out there to the community at large to perhaps discuss at a deeper level now that you've got that ball rolling. I have agonised over posting this comment because people get very funny about discussing religion but I don't see how we can talk about Easter and not mention religion, it's like the "elephant in the room".

    1. No I agree I wonder where we do draw the line at religious cermeonies that have engulfed the world. I respect your bravery and appreciate your honesty and openness. It is so hard to put yourself out there with an opinion or thought so go you!
      Maybe if we could redefine ceremony to each family and allow ourselves and our individual families to create their own traditions, rituals and beliefs it would take the marketing power from large companies hands in put it back into the hands of each individual again?
      Thanks for your wisdom xxx

  4. A thought provoking blog post - thanks for "stretching" my thoughts. Packaging drives me nuts - most of it seems SO unnecessary.
    This recipe sounds fabulous and I will certainly give it a try. It could be the perfect go-to-treat for all special occasions.

  5. Go you awesome you. We will be having a little easter egg hunt in the morning with a couple of fair trade eggs, a few wooden eggs, a couple of felt eggs and a basket. That is the extent of how we acknowledge Easter, talking more about new life than anything religious but I have talked to Poe about how other people celebrate at this time.
    What a delicious recipe and such brilliant, thoughtful comments. I too love Radical Homemakers, such an inspiring book, full of stuff you know but still motivating and beautiful.

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