Saturday, March 23, 2013

Just a little bookstore

Beauty comes in so many forms, and my girls and I stumbled across a true wonder the other day.  This timeless bookstore, in a gorgeous old building with more character then you could imagine. Inside held books from long ago through to recent novels and stories.

The boys of our home had headed north on a 'boys' camping trip and the small girls and I laid low and then spent the Sunday visiting a small sleeping village not far from here. We stumbled across this bookstore and we all felt rather captivated for a long time in there. Rummaging through small trinkets, local art works and books that have been loved and read before. Oh the true glory of a second hand bookstore.

The walls were laden with snippets and quotes from books and every space and place in the bookstore held a tale or offered a lovely delight to steal your attention.

It was such simple but great sleepy Sunday browsing in a second hand bookstore, munching lunch while watching the local rooster scratching for his lunch, spotting the fishing boats come in and the warm Autumn sun giving us warmth and filling our day with a little more light.

I just had to share it here. What an amazing world we live in!


  1. I can feel your delight. Second hand bookstores are places to lose yourself in, run your fingers along book spines and discover worlds you never knew. I'm glad you all enjoyed the experience, it sounds like a lovely Sunday x

  2. I can almost smell it! Think I'd get lost amongst those books for hours!!!

  3. Oh how beautiful is that book with the plant in it, I love stuff like that. My sister lives just near here on Dangar Island, it is a pretty special place around there, must venture into the bookstore next time. xxx

  4. Oh the memories. My mum owned a second hand bookstore when I was growing up and I would spend hours perusing the shelves or curled up out back with my nose in a book.