Sunday, March 3, 2013

Oh My Sweet Bees

Oh my beautiful bees how I love having you play and forage here. To me they are truly amazing. 

The rain has been falling so much over the last month and I think of my beloved bees each time. Ah and when the rain stops and the sun appears I head down and see them out, hurrying to prepare, restock and support one another. 

They have the greatest sense of community, they protect and serve one another. I even see as they cue to come back into their hive they have consideration for one another. Allowing some to pass, while the ones exiting make way for the pollen laden ladies to head in. A clear understanding of their place and putting their own needs second. 

Look I may sound mad, some say I am (giggle giggle), but how much we can learn from them.

Bees all have a job, a purpose and they work to their strengths. They don't all try to be the same and have the same role. Some forage high in the gums and flowering blossoms we miss, others skip among the small sweet dandelions and weeds we scuff through. Some hang in highly aromatic flowers and come home smelling of lavender and rosemary buds. But they all their purpose and they work to their strengths.

I admire them and their sense of purpose greatly.


Soon we will watch the bees slow and take stock over winter, we will watch them allow for the season to replenish ready for another time of growth and prosper. The natural ebb and flow of all existence will take place and I reflect on this...what if we just backed off and gave our planet a chance to exhale and see if it could try and restock or replenish what benefits would be at hand?

Maybe even just that our children's, children may lay their eyes on some of the beautiful wildlife we have been so blessed to see. Who knows?

Oh my sweet bees for all your golden goodness, you also hold so many great lessons for us humans too, but we must be slow enough to even see you.


  1. I just found out about a Brisbane group, Bee One Third, that puts bee hives on urban buildings...and then sells the honey to local restaurants and markets.
    Such a great idea I think!

  2. Beautiful photos. Lovely blog, so happy to be your latest follower! x

  3. Slow indeed! They are so important and my hope is that people realize that we need to protect them for the serve us beyond words. Your photos are beautiful!!!

  4. Bees are such interesting creatures.
    I've noticed some native bees around too which is lovely to see.

  5. Oh how I love bees! I wish we could have some. One day...