Saturday, March 9, 2013

Starts With A Crack and A Song...

It all began with a tiny crack and small song from within. As the crack grew, so did the song.
 We held her warm in our hands and watched her come into the world. 
An honour, a joy, a pure miracle. 

Throughout the day we watched four beautiful warm babies be born. All born with different strengths and colours, but all bright and making sure they were heard in the world. 
We smiled all day long and I always feel like it is Christmas the days our chicks are hatching. The feeling in the house is amazing, we all buzz. 
Throughout the day I get messages from my love at work checking to see how many are hatched. 

It is lovely to think the first face they have seen is ours and the first touch was gentle and loving. All our love for them they can feel from that first second.
They have been named Hiawatha, Roda, Cheeky and Goldie. Cheeky is my lovely mans chick and the sweetest sight is to watch Cheeky resting under his chin as he works on his computer.

As I write this I can hear my babies in the front room playing, snuggling and admiring the chicks and I think I could burst with gratitude and happiness that I get the privilege to raise chickens. 
That I have these beautiful children and this partner who relish all of this with me and that together we can offer so much love and care to these perfect babies.

Happy happy weekend to you


  1. I am overwhelmed with happiness just seeing the beautiful pictures on your post! The chicks being born...what a miracle! And your sweet children caring for them! Your post has made me smile ear to ear! WOW!

  2. awwww what great pictures! I showed my kids because while we have chooks, it's unlikely we'll be able to hatch our own for a while. It's a pretty amazing thing isn't it...

  3. We get our first chickens this summer. I can't wait. This post is a wonderful insight into our future. :)

    My best,
    Jo Farmer

  4. Beautiful photographs. Having chicks hatch is a wonderful experience. I remember my children sitting around doing whatever they were doing with a chick snuggled in somewhere. What am I saying? One still does that, and he's grown up!

  5. Oh how lucky you all are to have been part of this experience! So amazing. So special as well for your children to see the chicks right from birth x

  6. How amazing!
    What a beautiful experience for a family to share.
    Those chicks definitely are lucky to be born into such a loving home!

  7. What lovely photos and words - you made me want to run out and buy chicks :)

  8. oh there is so much joy, sweetness and delight oozing out of this post, love it. such precious moments, captured perfectly. thanks for sharing.

  9. Oh my word, this is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. How precious.

  10. ooh, so beautiful! I'm sure I just heard them chirping from my computer screen.

    We had our first eggs hatch over summer and it was such a thrilling experience to be part of, the suspense over when they would hatch was unbearable. Lovely chicky nose tickling cuddles for you...enjoy. x