Saturday, April 6, 2013

Growing Knowledge, Growing Skills, Growing Community...

Today my little family and I were fortunate enough to go to one of these amazing workshops. Such a wonderful day learning more ways to improve the productivity in your garden. Lachy's knowledge and energy is just brilliant and you leave feeling inspired to do more and more with the space available. 

If you are in this area or anywhere around here I would recommend coming to one of these highly informative and inspirational days. There is such a warmth and welcome from all the lovely people involved and you leave with real sense of hope seeing such good people in the world working so hard to share vital information, rich knowledge and a true passion to build harmony, community and productivity within the area.

If we all come together and support people like these guys, listen to the messages they have and look back to local skills, local growing and local knowledge we can regain some power that has been taken from us. We can begin to reconnect to our homes, our communities and ourselves. We can invest in a brighter future for the small ones we love and the generations beyond ours. We all of sudden have strong foundations once more.

So please check out the people behind these wonderful and informative workshops here and here.

And if your not local to here then look in your area for some permaculture workshops or talks, you will not regret it.

Happy growing and a happy weekend dear


  1. Our local council in Wyndham City, Melbourne, Australia has been sponsoring a Growing Communities in Gardening for about 7 months now. Its all free and has some really knowledgable speakers and hands on practical sessions. It started with a two day permaculture course and now runs once a month for a few hours. I've done compost, harvesting and preserving, building a chicken coop, soon a keeping chickens and in a few months we will be looking at a heritage orchard. Im hoping it continues as i am making great friends out of it and feel more connected with my local community. Im going to a veggie swap tomorrow!

  2. So super cool!! I'm going to jump over to your links to check it out! We have a couple of local programs like this. One is at the organic farm by my house. They have amazing classes for kids and adults and volunteer opportunities that I would like to get involved in. Thanks for sharing these glad your family was able to go and learn from these folks!