Friday, April 12, 2013


I dream of this world, one much like what it used to be. Hens scratching in the garden, giving eggs and disposing of our food scraps. I dream we will again find the heartbeat that is in food, plants and life. Where we will tend to it all with the care it deserves, once more.

I see a future that is green, where we are gentle, thoughtful and considerate. I see a world where each person feels when something is not right and disputes it. With this voice this negative action is dispersed as it is not good for the people and animals, nor the planet.

I see the wisdom and strength of all humanity sings strong and we together make the change and continue the moment forward, together....

Happy weekend wise people and may you shine your wonderful light in the positive paths around you xxx


  1. I dream of a future just like this too!
    Happy weekend to you also. And greetings from my chooks to yours.

  2. Thank goodness, someone, no two, who see something positive in the future and who dont banter about all the doom and gloom approaching. I think when you are positive you draw other positive people towards you. That's a lot of energy combining to bring about changes. Make that three...... any more?

  3. It's good and heartening to know there are other positive souls around! xx