Friday, May 24, 2013

Healing and Warmth

This week I felt like we welcomed winter here, the cold nights and super chilly mornings and then the sniffles and cold comes to the ones I love. I have my two boys home unwell (my big boy and my little boy). So with one adult and one child patient I have been getting to work of remedying their sniffles, fevers and sore throats.

There is something so rewarding in the chance to pour love and healing into these precious people I call my family. I have been making fresh organic green juices, tickled with warming ginger. Then soups, broths, poultices, manuka honey teas and hot baths to heal.

My little man has had a rough few days but it reminds me no matter the buzz and pull of life can stop so I can pour my love, remedies and warmth into the ones most precious to me. After all life will keep going but we are allowed to slow down to heal...

Happy days to you and whatever season you are embracing, may it be nourishing to you and yours...xx


  1. Hope everyone's feeling tip top soon.

  2. Yes, I hope everyone is feeling better too. What a great "nurse" you are - lucky family.

  3. So true! I hope that they are feeling better soon! What a good mama you are! There is nothing better than homemade soup with lots of love! You take care and stay warm!!!

  4. lots of healing in those photos. I hope your little fella is feeling better soon.

  5. what beautiful and nurturing images, i felt better just by looking at them. Hope all is well now. xxx jay