Thursday, August 8, 2013

Goodbye Boys...

The sad part of hatching and raising chickens is passing our dear roosters on. My little girl has cared for these babies from egg to adult and she has been broken hearted to hand them over. We thankfully have given them to our dear friends who will potentially give them the best life ever! They have gone to a farm with some sweet hens and plenty of space. However the tears have been flowing thick and fast from my sweet girl who makes them chicken bliss balls, they ride on her boot as she walks through the pen and she talks and tends to them endlessly. She named them 'Blue' and 'Lara' and they to her were 'her babies'. In some way I see how these gentle lessons of loss prepare my babies for the bigger world. Raising, loving and caring for animals teaches such vital life lessons and reminds us how interconnected we all are. So although we miss Blue and Lara I am so grateful for the lessons they have taught us and I hope they have a life of long, happy chicken scratching days.

Happy days dear friends and hope you are all


  1. We had a similar experience a few years ago with two beautiful roosters. Thankfully we found a farm for them too. Your friend Dan just forwarded me a link to you blog etc. Looks great. I'm looking forward to following along.


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