Consultancy Services

Sustainable and Healthy Living Consultancy

Individual Sustainable & Healthy Living Consultations are available by appointment.
 ( Phone and Skype consultations can be arranged at your convenience)
Amber's consultations are aimed to reach each individual for whatever level they are at. In this time you will gain a practical, inspirational and achievable guide to suit your life and budget.

Mindfully Green was established with the magic mix of passion and motivation to make change and educate others. Amber offers numerous services to individuals, businesses, households and anyone who is ready to move to a greener way of living, eating and consuming. Mindfully Green builds and empowers people to make 'greener', healthier and better choices that will improve health, well-being and the environment.

If you would like more information on what Mindfully Green can offer you or get an information pack on:

-  Workshops or team building/education days
-  Healthy eating and living planning
-  Sustainable foods to cook, prepare and food demonstrations
-  Sustainable living planning
-  Workplace waste and eco planning
-  School education sessions
-  Food waste, composting and worms
-  Keeping chickens to suit your life and home
-  Natural living and lifestyle education (choosing an ethical way to live and purchase)
-  Natural health for everyday
-  Home sustainability
 And so much more then please contact me on:
One planet, one body, one chance.

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